Champions League focus: Real Madrid vs Liverpool, in-depth analysis by Footballant

Champions League focus: Real Madrid vs Liverpool, in-depth analysis by Footballant

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In tonight's UEFA Champions League round of 16 match, Footballant will focus on the match between Real Madrid vs Liverpool, two teams who will engage in a fierce battle to compete for a spot in the quarterfinals.

Mental analysis Currently

Real Madrid is already trailing Barcelona by 9 points in La Liga, and the situation for defending their title is not optimistic. Therefore, in addition to facing the pressure of the Champions League, Real Madrid also needs to focus on the league and strive to surpass Barcelona while aiming to defend their Champions League title.

Liverpool has little hope of winning the English Premier League, and if they are eliminated from the Champions League, they are likely to end the season with no silverware. Therefore, they can only hope to advance further in the Champions League to appease their fans. The two teams are evenly matched in overall strength, and it is expected to be a very intense match.

Real Madrid pre-match analysis 

In the first leg, Real Madrid was behind 0-2 but eventually achieved a 5-2 comeback, firmly grasping the initiative of qualification, and also dealt a major blow to Liverpool's mentality. However, Real Madrid's recent form has not been too good, with 1 win, 2 draws, and 1 loss in their previous four matches. Losing to their arch-rivals Barcelona in the first leg of theCopa del Rey semi-final was a big blow to their morale.


Currently, the team's injury recovery is good, but Ferland Mendy and Alaba are still long-term injuries, and Carvajal has to play as a left-back. Local media in Madrid predicts that Rodrigo may not appear in the starting lineup for this match, and Valverde may replace him on the right wing.

Liverpool pre-match analysis 

Liverpool suffered a big upset in the league last weekend, losing 0-1 to the newly-promoted Burnley. They will field their strongest team in this match, but they still suffered an away defeat. In fact, Liverpool's form has rebounded recently. Before losing to Burnley, they had just won two consecutive league games, and even crushed Manchester United 7-0. However, the sudden away loss to Burnley also showed that the team's current problem is very unstable.


Since losing 2-5 at home to Real Madrid in the first round, Liverpool faces an extremely difficult task to overturn the deficit. Moreover, the team's injury situation is very serious. Diaz, Thiago, Joe Gomez, and Ramsey are all confirmed absent, while Keita has resumed personal training, but his ability to play in this match still needs to be assessed. Local media in England predict that Liverpool will still field their entire starting lineup, with Salah, Jota, and Mane leading the attack.

Match prediction 

Although the two teams seem evenly matched in terms of overall strength, Real Madrid has already established a significant advantage in the first leg, and is expected to focus on defense in this match. In their last 7 encounters in the Champions League, Real Madrid has won 6 times and drawn once, showing a clear advantage. The initial odds given by Asian agencies for this match were -0.5, but they were immediately lowered to -0.25 after being placed, indicating a lack of confidence in Real Madrid's ability to win. Based on the above analysis, Footballant believes that the final result of the match between Real Madrid vs Liverpool will be a draw or a win for Liverpool.